Saturday 28 May 2022

Energy transition changes the game for Mideast energy firms

Management teams are reimagining their investments in traditional energy assets, despite uncertainty about future returns or terminal value.    When combined with a sound energy transition strategy, companies can navigate risks associated with individual pr


Three tech trends in investment services in 2022

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), autonomic systems and privacy-enhancing computation are three technology trends gaining traction in banking and investment services in 2022, said research and advisory firm Gartner.  These trends will continue to grow over the next tw


Rising fuel prices shift UAE residents’ interest from pump to plug

Rising fuel prices have led to a significant shift (52%) in UAE residents’ attitude towards hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs), according to a survey commissioned by Audi Abu Dhabi.    Petrol prices in the UAE continued to progressively rise from Febr


Noon-10pm: Best time engage with users in Mena

While engaging with users in the Mena region, 12-10pm is the most effective time as the highest conversion rates are achieved during that time slot, said retention SaaS leader WebEngage in a new report. The best time to send emails in the Mena region is between 4pm and 8pm, with 24% of


Digitization in aviation brings solutions for efficiency

New technologies and innovations are appearing in a number of aviation segments, bringing improved efficiency across the industry, says an industry expert. Magnus Söderberg, Business Improvement Director at Aviator Airport Alliance, a Nordic one-stop shop for aviation servic


Sustainability cardinal part of Johnson Controls' ethos

Joining UAE’s efforts to decarbonise, Johnson Controls (JCI) has made sustainability its business ethos with world class efficiency at the core of all its products and services.    To date, the company has been able to successfully cut greenhouse emis


SICO investment note highlights market challenges

SICO, a leading regional asset manager, broker, and investment bank (licensed as a wholesale bank by the CBB), highlighted in a recent note to investors the challenges posed by high inflation and an aggressive US Federal Reserve rate hike schedule to the emerging and GCC capital markets. 


3Ds set to transform energy and resources sector: report

The next decade will witness some of the most exciting and transformative years in the energy and resources industry’s history, says Arthur D Little (ADL), a leading management consulting firm.   In its 2022 energy flagship report, Disruption Is Now, ADL d


Can a strong USD derail the commodity bull cycle?

The strength of the USD has had little discernible impact on broad commodity performance, and while there are few reasons for the USD to reverse course, analysis signals that a divergence within the commodity complex will continue, a report said. Beyond rising nominal rates, the


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