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Top magic show coming to Bahrain after hit ballet performances

MANAMA, March 5, 2023

By Sree Bhat

Following the successful performances of Imperial Russian Ballet in Bahrain last week, the organisers have announced plans for more cultural shows in the kingdom.

Imperial Russian Ballet gave three mesmerising performances of “Swan Lake” and “Sleeping Beauty: Aurora’s Wedding” at the new Exhibition World Bahrain from March 2 to 4. The shows were organised under the banner of international cultural project, Common Ground International, in partnership with US non-profit The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation and the support of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA).

"The reason we created the Cultural project Common Ground International is to bring together people of various cultures and backgrounds, and through music, dance and art - showcase the strings that connect us all. We are already planning and looking forward to our next project," said Dr Anna Artsibasheva, Co-Founder, speaking to TradeArabia's Sree Bhat.

Next on the list is the Incredible Magic Show of Brothers Safronov, who are coming to Bahrain after the Holy Ramadan.

The ballet shows, part of Bahrain's Spring of Culture, began with the performances of the Imperial Russian Ballet's iconic “Swan Lake” (March 2 and  3) and enchanting family-friendly “Sleeping Beauty: Aurora’s Wedding" (March 4) in the Grand Hall Stage at the Exhibition World Bahrain.

The troupe, consisting of almost 120 outstanding performers, was accompanied by the Svetoslav Richter Symphony Orchestra conducted by the world-renowned Maestro Pavel Alexei Lavrentev.

These magnificent shows, held for the first time in Bahrain, Bahrain, have left both ballet lovers and first timers spellbound and wanting more.

It was the perfect unity of music and motion. Ballet, where every emotion -- every passion -- is translated without words through the wave of a delicate hand to the high leap of the dancer, had truly won the hearts of Bahrain residents.

Working in unison with the orchestra, IRB’s Artistic Director Gediminas Taranda presented Bahrain with a truly spectacular demonstration of ballet - Imperial Russian Ballet style.

Prior to the performance of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty: Aurora's Wedding" began, the audience was introduced to  the enchanting world of ballet by Imperial Russian Ballet’s artistic director, Gediminas Taranda, who, along with soloists, demonstrated the different positions and exercises performed every day by the ballet dancers.

Translated by Common Ground Co-Founder Dr Anna Artsibasheva, who also joined afterwards Maestro Conductor Alexei Lavrentiev, who along with the talented musicians of the Svyatoslav Richter Orchestra, demonstrated just how instruments from the same musical family still have their own sound!

And to the delight of the young ballet learners in the audience and their parents, children were invited on stage to learn a few basic steps during an open orchestra master class.

Speaking to TradeArabia after the show, Artistic Director Taranda was all praise for the EWA team. “The stage here was a non-standard one and our team, together with the EWA team, created a miracle in preparing the stage for the shows. The support we received from EWA was incredible; it was amazing to see that everyone at EWA treating it as their own show.”  

“The audience too was spectacular in the way they enjoyed every move and the music. We hope to bring more shows to Bahrain and the region,” he said.

The troupe, which gives about 150 to 200 shows a year, will next give 50 performances over a period of two months in China, he revealed. -TradeArabia News Service


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