Monday 24 June 2024

The Cabinet meeting on May 15

Priority in UAE govt jobs to emiratis with private sector experience

ABU DHABI, May 16, 2024

The UAE cabinet has approved a decision giving priority in federal government jobs to citizens who have worked in the private sector for at least three years. 
Experience in the private sector will be added as one of the items to be relied upon when appointing an employee to the federal government, the Cabinet said, according to a report in Wam news agency.
The decision aims to consolidate the federal government sector by integrating national expertise from the private sector, thereby enriching the variety and diversity of knowledge within government entities. The decision promotes the broad dissemination of insights and practices gleaned from private sector companies, enhancing the overall effectiveness and innovation within the public sector, it said.
Scholarship system 
The Cabinet reviewed a new system for financing federal government higher education institutions on the basis of scholarships, with the aim of enhancing the quality of educational outcomes in these institutions and continuing alignment with the labour market and available career opportunities.
The new system operates by granting financial scholarships after reviewing and defining the number of new academic seat to be created, and the specialisations required according to the needs of the labour market, using a predetermined mechanism.
Cold calls
The cabinet approved a decision that aims to regulate marketing calls (cold calling) to ensure consumer privacy and comfort.
This includes setting specific guidelines for telemarketing practices, establishing compliance obligations for companies, and setting penalties for violations. The resolution also facilitates effective coordination between federal and local authorities to enforce these regulations optimally.
The cabinet also approved the issuance of the technical regulations to monitor the quantity of products in pre-packaged containers, aimed at enhancing the quality and competitiveness of domestically produced goods and safeguarding consumer’s rights to meet international standards.
The cabinet approved a decision to extend insurance protection to GCC citizens working across GCC states and set employment guidelines for students’ work in the local labour market to ensure they balance between their ongoing education and work commitments.


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