Wednesday 29 May 2024

The Elementa 2 Platform

Trina Storage to unveil 5MWh variant of Elementa 2

DUBAI, April 16, 2024

Trina Storage, a leading global energy storage product and solution provider, has announced the release of the 5MWh variant of its innovative Elementa 2 platform in the Middle East. 
Following the successful global launch of the 4MWh Elementa 2 in London, this Middle East debut showcases Trina Storage's commitment to innovation in sustainable energy solutions.
Enhanced energy density & efficiency
Building upon Trina Storage's vertically integrated LFP cells, the 5 MWh Elementa 2 features upgraded design elements aimed at enhancing efficiency and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments. 
By equipping the 314Ah battery cell, the 5MWh Elementa 2 offers higher energy storage capacity within the same form factor, with a substantial 5.015 MWh capacity packed into a standard 20ft HC container. The advanced liquid cooling technology maintains temperature differentials of less than 2.5°C, contributing to extended battery lifetime and performance.
Optimised cost
TrinaStorage 5MWh Elementa 2 maintains Trina's tradition of prioritising cost advantages for customers, reducing capital expenditures and operating expenses, and thus lowering the overall cost of energy storage projects. The streamlined design ensures a 35% reduction in footprint, facilitating efficient shipping and deployment, thereby reducing lead time by 40%. 
Key features of the Elementa 2 platform include precise control and optimisation, ensuring uniformity in battery State of Charge (SOC) to prevent electrical imbalances, thereby extending battery life and maximising performance. The system is equipped with a multi-level Battery Management System (BMS) featuring advanced chips for heightened reliability, providing grade-by-grade warning, effective isolation, and robust protection. Moreover, the Elementa 2 is engineered with Smart Operations & Maintenance (O&M) capabilities, minimising downtime and simplifying maintenance tasks, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and offering peace of mind to operators.
Safety reinvented
Safety remains paramount in the design of the Elementa 2 platform. Advanced protective measures, including multi-dimensional cell testing and targeted design for precision fault detection, ensure both product and personnel safety. Additionally, the system integrates early fire hazard detection and suppression systems, adhering to international safety standards and certifications.
"With the unveiling of our enhanced 5MWh Elementa 2 Energy Storage System, Trina Storage continues to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the energy storage industry," said Helena Li, Executive President at Trina Solar. "We are excited to build upon the success of our 4MWh version and provide our customers with even greater capabilities, reliability, and flexibility to meet their energy storage requirements."--TradeArabia News Service


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