Wednesday 29 November 2023

Dr Taleb Rifai

World Tourism Forum announces Earth Summit

LONDON, January 26, 2023

The World Tourism Forum Institute has announced the launch of the Global Tourism Forum EARTH Summit (GTF EARTH).

The forum aims to enrich the sustainability think tank with all stakeholders who are acting directly and indirectly for sustainable tourism growth.

GTF EARTH is an online summit. Its theme, "Travel, Protect, Respect," conveys the message of greener earth through greener tourism. It will be launched on March 30, 2023.

Tourism is a crucial sector for many economies, but it can also significantly impact the environment and local communities. Unsustainable tourism practices can lead to the overuse of resources, pollution, and damage to natural and cultural heritage.

The GTF Earth event will focus on ways to make tourism more sustainable, including topics:

•    Minimizing the environmental footprint of tourism operations, which includes reducing carbon emissions, waste, and water usage

•    Supporting local communities and preserving cultural heritage

•    Using sustainable transportation options, such as electric vehicles, bikes, or walking

•    Promoting responsible wildlife tourism and protecting endangered species

•    Encouraging travelers to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors and make informed decisions.

The event will feature online keynote speakers and panel discussions from industry experts. It will also showcase sustainable tourism businesses and organizations, allowing them to share their innovative practices and ideas.

Sustainability in tourism is an essential topic for the industry's future. GTF Earth offers an excellent opportunity for tourism businesses, organizations, and individuals to learn more about sustainable practices and how to implement them. Individuals can create a more sustainable future for tourism and the planet by working together.

The World Tourism Forum Institute is reshaping economies through tourism development in collaboration with host nations. The organization does this by working with countries with untold tourism stories to share, as well as countries with already established tourism industries seeking to drive the narrative about their current and future success. The World Tourism Forum Institute aims to reduce the negative impact of tourism by increasing the positive impact of sustainable development goals in tourism globally.

As the leading international tourism development and investment brand, the World Tourism Forum Institute is a London, UK-based organization committed to promoting countries in the fields of tourism development, economic growth, FDI through tourism investments, and human resource development within the industry.

The World Tourism Forum Institute creates a legacy for the host country by carefully selected and tailor-made initiatives aiming to promote the country's image internationally, develop greater visibility and determine the industry's objectives through soft power. These experiences - from Global Tourism Forum conferences, WTFI's masterclasses, and international media promotions - are designed to strengthen the nation's brand abroad and highlight the tourism sector's importance in the economic landscape.- TradeArabia News Service


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