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Fairmont The Norfolk

Fairmont unveils its circular economy drive across Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 30, 2023

Fairmont Collection of Hotels & Resorts in Kenya has announced its sustainability efforts across the three historic properties in the region, highlighting the role of circular economy philosophy at We Are Africa 2023 in Cape Town.

The world’s most vibrant gathering of luxury African travel brands, that takes place in Cape Town.

Veronique Delattre, General Manager of Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club said: “The sense of adventure and the passion for conservation roots back to the heritage of the three properties. It is remarkable to see how a hunting lodge is now a hub dedicated to conservation and wildlife protection. We are welcoming all guests to engage in our programmes, and to depart from Kenya leaving a positive footprint behind.”

According to the circular economy philosophy, the Fairmont Kenya team looks at the synergy between its presence and the destination and how its decisions impact the development of flora, fauna, local community and Kenyan culture. Nils Rothbarth, Cluster General Manager of Fairmont Kenya Hotels & Resorts, continues: “Nowadays, corporate social responsibility and environmentally friendly implementations are strictly connected, and we feel the duty towards our guests, partners, and the local communities in the region.”

Circular economy efforts at Fairmont The Norfolk, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club and Fairmont Mara Safari Club, are either already being activated or planned within the next few years.

Fairmont The Norfolk
Traveling back in time to the iconic landmark hotel with its own exotic garden.

Located in the vibrant Central Business District area of Nairobi, the iconic property was and is still today the place to be, dine, see and be seen in the city. The renewed common areas, which celebrate the colonial-style architecture, and the exotic garden, which hosts rare flora and fauna unique for that part of Nairobi, confirm that the property is a landmark for both domestic high society and international tourists and celebrities. This cosmopolitan hub plays a key role in the circular economy system that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Kenya aims to implement for future generations.

In detail, Fairmont The Norfolk supports the community and the wildlife through:

•    Launching new initiatives to protect and develop the only exotic garden in the heart of Nairobi. As one of the main sources of CO2, the internal garden has a crucial importance in the ecosystem.
•    Zero Carbon waste incentives, through Bio Diesel- Saved close to over 2500 kgs of Carbon dioxide for the last 5 months.
•    Protection of butterflies, bees, rare plants and birds thanks to the garden.
•    Recycling Linen and old uniforms to create children's wear as well as donating to children's homes.
•    Use of Jua – cosmetic brand made by Samburu women in Samburu County and supervised by professionals to make it fit international standards.
•    Ongoing elimination of single-use plastic in guest areas.
•    Implementation of zero-waste and farm-to-fork sustainable philosophy once the new restaurant opens on-site.
•    Banning the use of overfished species in the hotel’s restaurants.
•    Participation in corporate sustainability events as a way of donating the proceeds to the less fortunate and in the favour of minorities as well as supporting orphanages.
•    Refurbishing a property is a courageous project, once the choice of reconditioning the existing building was made, the process has supported less waste.
•    Off-the-beaten-track experiences bring more potential profit to local businesses and extend the average night stay in Nairobi.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club
Discovering the second-highest peak of Kenya and its slopes through community, art and wildlife

The historic Kenyan estate situated within the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservation, offers guests breath-taking views of Mount Kenya, which at 5,199 metres is the second-highest peak in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro. In this historical destination, the circular economy efforts imply an imperishable connection between the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and the former hunting lodge of William Holden, today, part of the three-stop campaign of Fairmont Collection of Hotels & Resorts in Kenya.

In detail, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club supports the community and the wildlife through:

•    Protecting the slopes of Mount Kenya – reforestation and pollination, to build an ecosystem able to ensure guests and future generations forest views, and a variety of wildlife and sustain the culture the destination has been always famous for.
•    Promoting the slopes of Mount Kenya – re-opening new direct access from the property to Mount Kenya National Reserve and Mount Kenya's’ peaks.
•    Reinforcement of the breeding and rewilding program of the endangered mountain bongo, following the birth of the first baby in 2022 – named Fanaka.
•    Re-introducing wildlife in the estate and re-opening the original path for elephants, leopards, giraffes, buffalos, hyenas and soon, rhinos.
•    Fairmont Mount Kenya’s collects conservancy fees for the Conservancy, this being reinvested into programs for Mount Kenya’s slopes protection, tree planting, bongo breeding, rangers, naturalists, education and research.
•    Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club & the Conservancy host an animal orphanage where rescued animals are curated, fed and reintroduced if their health allows it.
•    Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club encourages guests to plant trees and flowers during their journey in the hotel, supporting reforestation.
•    Use of Jua – cosmetic brand made by Samburu women in Samburu County and supervised by professionals to make it fit international standards.
•    The new refurbishment actions and strong connections with the Wildlife Conservancy capitalise on investment and manpower, creating new employment opportunities for locals.

Fairmont Mara Safari Club
The first safe and intimate tented camp in Mara, located in a conservancy belonging to the Masai community.

Located in Ol Choro Oiroua Conservancy, Fairmont Mara Safari Club takes pride in welcoming guests on a journey beyond the safari experience. Being the first conservancy in Kenya to belong to local communities, today, the connection with these families and their culture is still very important to the brand.  Here, the circular economy sees part of the camp profits and investments aiming to enhance the lives of the community members who live in the conservancy and preserve their culture.

In detail, Fairmont Mara Safari Club supports the community and the wildlife through:

•    Development and implementation of the yearly Accor-Fairmont Kenya Youth Empowerment Program, through which the young Maasai generation trains in hospitality.
•    Deep and authentic dive into the Maasai culture that goes beyond the village visit.
•    Conservancy fees support educational plans, women empowerment projects, wildlife protection, and maintenance of Maasai pastoral culture.
•    Fairmont Mara through Planet-21 has partnered with children's homes in Bomet County, usually visiting them every year and collecting donations in the form of money, clothes, or food.
•    ‘Adopt a Tree Program’ encourages guests to buy trees from Mara and plant them in a small ceremony. Incentives are being taken to launch a tree planting programme in schools near the property.
•    Sourcing perishable items locally, such as vegetables and fruits from organisations such as the ‘We Foundation’ which is run by locals and NGO`s.
•    Composting For Organic Fertiliser and using some of the kitchen's refuse and using the organic product in our organic garden.
•    Producing organic honey and taking steps into creating partnerships with local beekeepers to increase production while also empowering the community economically.          
•    Helicopter tours’ profit to protect elephants’ programs.
•    Focus on agricultural efforts and fishing activity to support the local community and regenerate their land.
•    Day and night protection of the last two Southern white rhinos- Koffee and Elizabeth. – TradeArabia News Service


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