Tuesday 16 April 2024

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Travel Genius secures funding to transform traveller experience

DUBAI, 14 days ago

The online travel platform Travel Genius has secured $200,000 funding for the launch of its ground-breaking ‘location intelligence platform’ set to transform the way travel industry professionals access actionable insights, and how travellers plan and book their trips.

Travel Genius secured the funding from BlueBox Group Private Ltd, an investment & start-up advisory group based in Singapore, that nurtures and develops early-stage ideas.

Founded by seasoned hospitality leader Hannes Bos, and tech innovator Sachin Chauhan, Travel Genius was created after identifying major gaps in the travel industry.

The investment has been used to develop a global SAAS location intelligence platform for the travel and hospitality industry. It led to the launch of the B2B platform, SpotQuest, and B2C website, Geni-us.

“We get excited about seeing the potential of a new disruptive idea such as Travel Genius, that will change and shape the course of the travel industry. We support growth of novel ideas into sustainable business opportunities and we believe in creating legacies and impact” said Roshni Pandey, co-founder of Bluebox Group Private Ltd.

SpotQuest is an intuitive platform that is easily accessible for all travel professionals. Using unique data points at micro-neighbourhood levels, SpotQuest delivers insights in a simplified and easily followed format incorporating powerful visualisations through customised maps and tables.

The AI powered platform provides the industry with a powerful tool that reduces manual work and room for error, in a fraction of the time it currently takes to gather the data. Easy to use, it bridges the gap of other tools, by providing data that is deeply relevant to the business with actionable insights.

This global visualisation tool allows comparisons across all brands and provides 360° location intelligence in real time. Users are able to customise the filters and point of interest data based on local demand drivers (landmarks, offices, restaurants, nightlife…), to stay ahead of the competition.

Geni-us is a powerful travel search engine which delivers meaningful, relevant, and personalised travel recommendations and itineraries based on the travellers’ desired experience.

The map-based travel planning and discovery platform uses a revolutionary technology understanding travel intent, with a natural language free form search, answering all travellers needs in a single search and locating the best area to stay at.

While there are tons of resources, including Chat-GPT and AI-based platforms, where travellers can find locally curated answers to any such questions, none of them offer the opportunity to answer all these questions in a multi-faceted way that is visually relevant and hyper-personalised as Geni-us.

“Over the last 20 years, the online travel industry has not been able to meaningfully simplify the process of researching, planning and booking trips, which currently still requires an average of 30 online sessions over 19 days,” said Hannes Bos.

“With this in mind, he has created Geni-us, the first platform where travellers can now easily and effectively plan for their stay, as the purpose-built platform provides answers to the key travel questions.

“What to do, When to do, Where to go (destination), Where to Stay (Area/Location), and How to get there” into one map-based user-interface.

Acting as the users’ local travel agent, Geni-us offers a stress-free way for users to turn all their travel desires into memorable experiences, at a click. – TradeArabia News Service



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